Friday, August 27, 2010

What I'll be making in 4 hours - Egg McMuffin®

                          1 large grade A egg
                          1 english muffin
                          Butter, REAL butter
                          1 slice American cheese (real...not processed cheese food)
                          1 slice Canadian bacon
                          1 "12x12" sheet of wax paper
                          Non Stick Cooking Spray
You need an egg ring. (Find one at you're favorite cooking specialty store.)

1. Pre-heat an electric griddle to 275 degrees. Toast your english muffin by laying both
    sides face down on the griddle and applying pressure. This takes about 1 to 1.5
    (they should be medium brown) Set aside.
2. Lay your egg ring on the pre-heated grill. Spray with Pam to prevent sticking. Crack
    the egg and pour into egg ring on the grill. Poke the yolk with a sharp instrument so
    it flows.
3. Butter both toasted halves of the english muffin liberally with melted butter. Put a
    slice of American cheese on the bottom half.
4. About 2 1/2 minutes after you started cooking the egg, the whites should firm up,
    and the yolk should still be a bit "liquidy". Carefully remove the ring, leaving the egg
    on the griddle. (you may have to "slice" around the edges if it sticks)
5. Very carefully turn the egg over, and lay one slice of Canadian bacon on the griddle.
6. After about 30-45 seconds, "flip" the Canadian bacon, and remove the egg, placing it
    on the bottom half (cheesed half) of the english muffin.
7. Put the Canadian bacon on top, and cover with the top of the english muffin.
8. Wrap in pre-cut wax paper just like the hambugrer recipes. Let stand 5 minutes, then
    microwave 12 second on high, and eat.


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