Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Misunderstood Burger


             1 tablespoon mayonnaise
             1/2 teaspoon Grey Poupon Specialty peppercorn mustard

             1 sesame seed hamburger bun (potato roll style with split crown)
             1/4 pound Topps beef patty
             1 slice American cheese
             1-2 tomato slices
             1-2 lettuce leaves, chopped
             1 Tablespoon ketchup
             1 Tablespoon chopped white onion
             McDonald's hamburger seasoning
COOKING: (Makes 1 Arch Deluxe®)
 1. In a small bowl, mix together the mayonnaise and the Dijon mustard. Set aside. This
     is the secret sauce. 2. Toast the face of each of the buns on a griddle as described in
     all other recipes.
 2. Pre-heat an electric grill to 400 degrees. (If cooking more than one: also pre-heat an
       electric grill for toasting the sesame seed buns)
 3. Lay the beef frozen patty on the grill, and after about 20 seconds, "sear" it. Sear a
     little harder and a little longer than with regular hamburgers.You should apply heavy
     pressure for 6-8 seconds.
 4. Sprinkle liberally with McD's Hamburger Seasoning.
 5. About 2½-3 minutes after searing, turn. Be careful not to tear the sear you just
     created. Add another dash Seasoning.
 6. Lay the crown of the bun facedown on an unused, clean portion of the grill. It will toast
     very quickly, so move it around in a circular motion to prevent burning.
 7. After about 30 seconds the bun will be toasted enough. Remove to dress, and lay the
     heel facedown to the same spot on the grill. (If cooking more than one, follow the bun 
       toasting instructions for the regular hamburger)
 8. Dress your BUN in the following order:
     On the crown (top bun)
             Special Sauce
 9. Add the cooked beef patty then the toasted heel. 
 1. Pre-cook some thick sliced Hormel® pepper bacon, breaking one slice per burger in
 2. Lay the halves side by side on top of the cheese before adding the meat. (Or just use 
       thick sliced bacon, adding a dash of pepper when cooking)

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